LC1 Vs LC2

In a landscape where battery companies often engage in competitive cycle life comparisons to promote their products, the comparison is not always fair. 

At The Energy Company, we challenge this approach.

Rather than relying on comparative claims with estimated numbers of industry, we took a contrarian stance. We assembled two battery packs utilising cells from the same manufacturer and same date of manufacturing—one integrated with our proprietary cooling stack and the other without. 

Over the past year, both packs underwent continuous accelerated cycling with identical equipment at our state-of-the-art facility at the same conditions.

Both packs were charged and discharged at 1C continuously. While most batteries give up at 0.5C itself, enhancing the life at 1C is not an easy job by any imagination.

Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves.

Regardless of the cell used, our innovative technology elevated the cycle life of the battery pack by an astounding 50%. 

We take pride in presenting results that reflect a more accurate representation of our capabilities. 

So, what’s the secret sauce again? 

Correction- It’s the sheer determination of a team willing to push boundaries. 

Join us on the journey towards groundbreaking advancements in battery technology! #Innovation #BatteryTechnology #SustainableEnergy

The effort spent in Cycle Life Setup & Data Analysis will be covered in the 2nd part.