Product Testing: A Real-World Approach

We talked about our Cooling Stack in the previous post. We determined our secret sauce and understood the need for a different testing approach. 

Let’s deep dive into how we came up with this Real-World Approach to Product Testing. 

Need for a real-world approach:

The traditional way of providing battery warranty lies in defining a factor of safety around the lifecycle numbers provided by the Li-ion cell manufacturer. But why? No point in guessing that it saves tons of cost and manpower. 

This results in inflated cycle life numbers due to favorable temperatures(a far cry from reality).

We at TEC, embarked on a quest to redefine the standards of product testing.

Custom Durability Cycle:

Initially, we engaged with real users, specifically those involved in last-mile logistics, such as the diligent individuals delivering your favorite Zomato or Swiggy orders, or handling packages from e-commerce giants like Flipkart & Amazon. 

Through customer interviews, we formulated an ideal usage cycle that realistically aligns with their daily routines. The usage cycle covers different times of day, multiple charging sessions, and a much more aggressive use case compared to a retail consumer. 

Custom Durability Cycle

Next, our Engineering Team stepped in, opting to innovate with a custom durability setup, eschewing expensive Pack Cyclers for a more cost-effective and practical solution. Our setup includes:

  • A readily available 3kW charger
  • Proprietary in-house battery
  • Integrated Telematics
  • Loads

Ultimately, our approach not only met but exceeded our durability and reliability objectives, affirming the robustness of our product under even the most challenging conditions.

By challenging the status quo and embracing the intricacies of real-world usage, we strive to set a new benchmark in product testing, paving the way for more reliable and consumer-centric innovations.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? Together, we can power up a brighter, more reliable future. Let’s transform battery testing – one cycle at a time.